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Lots and Lots of Easter Bunnies

March 10, 2014

The Eight-grader is in orchestra and has been for three years.  Our area has great music programs that we are very happy to support in any way we can.  Sunday and then again tomorrow night are silent auctions to benefit two different Orchestra programs.  Since few middle school/high school parents are in the market for newborn items, I opted to find some other items I could make for the auctions and settled on two really cute Easter projects made from felt.

Dark and White ‘Chocolate’ Easter Bunnies. I made some like these a few years ago for my Easter mantel and LOVE them.  They come out every year for Spring.  Pretty easy to make and darling.  They would also tuck so nicely into Easter baskets.  I found the pattern online but the original creator has since made her blog private.  It’s a great simple shape, and one you could easily sketch out.  The Dark Chocolate Bunny is about 10″ high and the White Chocolate Bunny is 8″.  I also have a tan “milk chocolate” 8″ that I’m going to package as a trio for the Tuesday night auction.  It’s a pretty easy $10-20 for the program.


My second project has me totally giddy!  Felt Rabbit Treat Bags.  The original idea and pattern came from MerMag and are adorable!  They aren’t hard to make, but the embellishing takes a bit of time.  The bag portion is about 4.5″ square with an opening (~1.5″) between the ears for small candies like Kisses or small chocolate eggs.  They hold a surprising amount of treats!  Such a cute addition to an Easter basket!!  And I love that they are totally reusable for the next year, and the next.


Saturday, I had a small stack of  bags I’d made with me and was stitching faces on others, at the kids chess tournament.   A friend purchased 3 from me right there.  Score $20 for the orchestra.  Then Sunday at the auction they didn’t sell at all – A total packaging fail.  I had them stacked up in a large clear bag (exactly like the chocolate bunnies above – which did sell) – super cute, honest! – but I don’t think anyone could tell what they were.  Ugh … lesson learned.  I get it, people want to touch them…  I picked them up, made a donation to the program and promptly put a call out on Facebook offering to make bags for friends with 100% of the proceeds going to the orchestra programs.  Bam, overnight I’ve sold an additional 11 bunny bags.  Good thing I just started a new audio book and have lots of felt!


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