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Snicker Valentine’s, to make you giggle

January 29, 2014

The 7th grader is in Student Council and announced Sunday that she needed 24 Valentine’s this morning for a StuCo, teacher Valentine project.  And apparently, candy is appreciated.  I heard ya!  I learned that lesson when I sent candyless Valentines with the oldest to Preschool.  When she came home and went through her Valentines, I saw just how much attention got paid to candyless Valentines.  Wow.  Lesson learned, message received, mistake not repeated.

Have I mentioned my aversion to todays store bought Valentines?  I’m beginning to realize it’s right up there with my aversion to store bought Halloween Costumes…  back to Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what we made …


Those are 4″ cardstock squares folded into 2″ x 4″ business card envelopes that hold a Valentine joke inside.  I printed “Get ready to” on the front side of the envelope and “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the back.  Folded them in half, and sewed the sides together – you could totally tape the sides closed and washi tape would be super cute!  Then, so you could see that something was inside, I punched half a circle out of the top so the joke card peeks through.  The candy bars are hot glued on … just so you know, Elmers was a total failure.


Fun right?

I got the jokes are from Kristen Duke Photography’s blog.  They are intended as Lunch Box jokes, but they really are perfect for this project.   Kristen’s only has 10 jokes and if you’d rather not have repeats in the classroom, I found these this afternoon on All for the Boys.  They don’t look to be the same size, so you’ll want to make either an adjustment to the joke card, or your envelope.   If you find other good business type size jokes will you post a link?


Apparently they were a hit with the StuCo advisor. <phew!>   Not sure yet if these will meet the approval of the 5th grader, but I think the 2nd grader is interested.  Sadly these wouldn’t be much fun for the Kindergartner, so we’re still searching for the perfect Valentine for her to give out.  She may make each of her classmates a Rainbow Loom bracelet… are those still all the rage?  Seemed like they were a very short lived fad here.

SNICKER VALENTINE directions:  Here’s the file I used to make the 2″x4″ envelopes {SNICKERValentine_Envelopes}.  Print on 8.5″x11″ cardstock, cut apart making the envelopes 4″ squares, fold in half and secure the sides with washi tape or sew them together.  Mark the middle of your envelope opening with a small pencil mark.  Using a 3/4 circle punch, punch a half circle centered on your pencil marking, making sure not to cut into the words.  Insert a business size joke card (2″ x 3.5″), sign the back and hot glue the snicker bar to the front.

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