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Boredom Buster!

November 14, 2013

I’m helping to host a Boy Scout Open House tomorrow night.  A Scout-O-Rama of sorts.  Troops from the area are coming and showing off what they do and how they service the boys in their units.  I’ve asked each to have a little hands-on activity for the kids who come through.  We’re also going to watch this production – A Century of Honor – which I’m super excited to see on the big screen.  I’ve heard it described as “Boy Scouts, the Musical.”  So true.

The Open House lasts a hour before we watch the show, and I need to keep Cub Scouts and their siblings busy.  I’ve got a simple Good Turn project that should occupy them for a few minutes.  I’ve made postcard style Thanksgiving Cards for the boys to color and we’ll deliver them to the local Meals on Wheels organization for their clients.  I found some cute Thanksgiving coloring pages online and printed them 4-up on white cardstock and then cut them apart.  Boys can color one or ten or whatever they have the patience to do.  Once they get colored in every shade of crayon they are going to look fantastic!

The other activity I’ve put together, just in case we have an empty table, are simple catapults.  Have you seen these on Pinterest?  They are super easy to make and have been so much fun for my kids to play with!  Seriously so much fun!


I made them with the notched popsicle sticks – the ones that make great snowflakes – and secured them with Rainbow Loom rubber bands.  The Rainbow Loom bands are the perfect size.  And the notches in the  “snowflake” popsicle sticks help keep the rubber bands from slipping out of place.   I used the instructions from All for the Boys.



I’m thinking Cub Scouts are going to have a blast with this tomorrow night!

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