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Because the luggage only came in two colors, Luggage Tags

July 21, 2013

Luggage Tags

We have a whirlwind of a road trip coming up.  We purchased each of the kids a little piece of luggage … rolling duffle bags from Bed Bath and Beyond.  They only had two colors, blue and pink which I knew was not going to go over well with all of them.  So I tried to lessen the blow, by promising them personalized luggage tags where they could pick everything out themselves.  I’m also hoping it will help the kids – me – tell their bag apart from their siblings.

I used a couple of online tutorials as a guide.  I wanted them to be large enough to be both fun and functional.  While we don’t fly much we do go on lots of road trips.  And for the occasional flight/school trip/church camp, I wanted a window so we could slip an address card inside for easy bag identification.  I ended up combining a couple of tutorials.  I used this luggage tag tutorial from Quilt, Knit, Run, Sew, for the shape, size and construction.  And for the window pocket, I referenced this tutorial from soubelles sewing patterns.

The monograms are felt that I sewed on.  I found a font that would work well as a monogram, printed each letter the size I wanted and used them as my pattern to cut each letter from the felt.  For a cleaner look, I sewed the letters on before I assembled my luggage tag so my “seams” would not show through on the pocket side of the tag.

I love how these turned out!  They are a huge hit with the kids!

Luggage Tags

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