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The Smorgasbord Continues

April 25, 2013

birdfeeder |


birdfeeder |

The birds continue to empty out the bird feeders every 3 days or so.  I am so very, very impressed with how efficiently they clean out the feeders too … you would think they licked them clean.  Crazy.

The Grey Tufted Titmouse, pictured above, is a very regular visitor to our feeders out back.  I think it’s the black sunflowers that are it’s favorites.  We typically see two or three at the feeders, taking turns.

The large red bird on the right visited our feeder on the front porch and my husband managed to see it and photograph him.  We haven’t seen it return, but would love to see it in person.  It’s a Summer Tanager and ranges in size from 5-8 inches.  That’s one of the largest birds we’ve had come to one of the feeders.

This little project with the kids has really opened my eyes to the beautiful birds in our yard and neighborhood.  I’m noticing so many more than I have previous years … bright yellow finches, bluebirds, and a blue/green bird I still haven’t been able to identify.  We are really putting our little guide book we purchased a few years ago to good use trying to identify them.

What birds are you seeing in your yard?

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