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For the Birds … Bird Feeders

April 19, 2013

I’ve mentioned before that I am always on the look out for things to make with the many, many, many fallen branches we get in this yard of ours.  So when I found a tutorial for a bird feeder made from a 2.5-3″ diameter branch, I was instantly sold.  I collected branches that were the right size, and made a few for the Preschooler and her little weekly playdate friend.  They each filled the holes with the peanut butter bird seed mixture and we hung it off the deck rafters.  Boy were we excited when we saw birds actually eating from our feeder.  And in that moment my little Preschooler became a bird lover, and our house obsessed with bird feeders.

Bird Feeder

Kids Bird Feeder  |  TinyStitches

The Cub Scout is dutifully working toward earning his Bear badge and making a bird feeder fulfills one of his requirements.  I showed him a couple different bird feeders we could make … one uses a plastic peanut butter jar, another a Starbucks bottle, and then of course there is the one I’ve made.  All perfect for kids to make.  All use recycled/re-purposed materials so they are simple and inexpensive … have you priced bird feeders at the store?!  WOW.  I had no idea.  Anyway, no surprise which one he choose.  The one that uses a serious power tool.  It was the perfect project for a my Cub Scout who is very familiar with power tools and gave him lots of good practice using the same piece of equipment.


My two littlest have adopted one of our neighbors, and by adopted I mean, they go and visit daily.  I really should check with them to make sure they aren’t feeling stocked.  They are super kind and oh so gracious with my little ones.  We love them dearly.  But I understand that daily can be … intense.  Wednesday, while the little ones were patiently waiting for our neighbors to get home from their errands so they could go visit, I put them to work filling a bird feeder for them.  I may have made a half dozen or more in the last two weeks, just because.  I figure occasionally we need to send the little ones with something to give our neighbors so their visits have a little more purpose – other than saying hello, swinging on their swing and getting a hand full of Starbursts.  They delivered it a few hours later with the instructions to send it home with the Preschooler and 1st grader when the birds eat all the bird seed and they’d fill it back up for them.   We’ll see if they take them up on their offer.

Kid Bird Feeder  |  TinyStitches

Hope you’ll give one of these projects a try and let your kids enjoy the pleasure of not only making something but also seeing it used by wildlife.   Watching the different birds once they discovered your feeder and trying to help the children identify each of the birds has been a great learning experience for each of them.

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