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Prepping Easter Eggs

March 29, 2013

Like many, we reuse Easter Eggs from year to year and to date we have amassed a sizable collection.  They have seen many, many Easter Egg hunts both inside and out, so some have endured long winters hidden in bushes, under beds, in corners of bedroom closets, and of course in my main stashing place.  It has occurred to me that while the majority of the candy we put in these eggs is wrapped, jelly beans are not and my children are jelly bean lovers.

Yeah … see where this is going … ewwww!

And so to ease my imagination of what weird germs were lurking on the surface of our collection of Easter Eggs, all of them got a bath this morning.

Cleaning Easter Eggs | TinyStitches

I filled the kitchen sink with 4-5 inches of hot water, added a generous splash of bleach and a small squirt of dish soap, and let them soak for 10-15 minutes, occasionally agitating the mix.  I then drained the sink and rinsed the eggs.  I set out a few dish cloths on the counter and then proceeded paired all the opened eggs – top with bottoms – and set them out on the towels to dry.  Worked like a charm.  All 100 are ready to fill for Sundays egg hunt!  The kids can hardly stand the wait.  Have a fun and safe weekend! 

Cleaning Easter Eggs | TinyStitches

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