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Blizzard of OZ = Fleece Socks

February 27, 2013

In the last week, Northeast Kansas got dumped on.  Thursday we got 10 inches of snow and yesterday we got an additional 8-10 inches.  Schools closed for two days last week and again this week.




Before the first storm hit last week I made sure everyone had snow boots.  Late February meant my selection was pretty meager.  I found what I needed for the boys, the Preschooler had hand-me-down boots in the perfect size.  But for the older girls I had to go with galoshes – rain boots.  I got an amazing deal on them – $6! – and they do a wonderful job of keeping their feed dry, but they are not known for their warmth in freezing cold temperatures.

Many years ago my husband purchased me 2 pairs of fleece socks from Landsend.  They are fabulous for keeping my feet warm on cold nights – especially when crawling into a cold bed.  I have also found that when layered over a pair of my regular socks and put into my galoshes, my feet have a better chance at staying warm.

This brings me to my snowed in project … fleece socks for the children.  Fleece has some pretty amazing properties — it repels water, holds in heat, and is very light weight.   I had some scraps of fleece I’ve been carrying around for a while that were just the right size to make three pairs of socks – gotta love using up fabric that’s been taking up space way too long.

I found a tutorial that was really helpful.  With her advice and my well worn socks in hand, I drafted my first pattern.  So simple and total success!  Gotta love it when it works the first time.   One tutorial I read said they could put together a pair of socks in 30 minutes, and now after four pairs, I believe them!  They are very quick.  I opted to sew them together with my serger and then top stitch the “hem” at the top – worked like a charm.

Ideally you have three pieces per sock – the sole, back-leg, and top (foot and leg).  But my fleece pieces were too narrow, so I had four pieces – cutting the long top piece right at the ankle.  It worked perfectly to put in that extra seam.



Drafting the pattern for the little kids proved to have a bit of a learning curve.  At first I thought I would simply decrease all the way around.  But when the 1st grader put on the green socks (women’s size 9-10) and they were only too long, I realized my patterns for he and the preschooler were way too narrow all the way around and would never work.  I redrafted the patterns, keeping the length of the pattern, but redrafting the width using my original pattern (women’s size 9-10) and only making them slightly narrower.   As you can see they are working out perfectly for everyone.

Just before the second storm hit, Monday evening, my husband warmed up the 4-wheel drive so I could get couple more pieces of fleece to hold me through being snowed in.  So while the children built a snow family, I cut into the great little remnants we picked up for a song and happily sewed.  I have enough to make another 6 pairs, at least.  That should be enough, don’t you think?

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