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RR 5.0

February 19, 2013

One of our favorite preschool projects is the Recycled Robot.  Over a long weekend the kids are tasked with creating a robot out of recycled materials.  Over the years, each of our children has made one … hence RR 5.0 … and it’a always fun to see the unique creativity of each child come through in their own project.  We love seeing similarities and differences between what they create and what their classmates created.



The preschooler was especially proud of RR 5.0.  We even buckled him into the car to make sure he made it to school safely.  According to the preschooler, it’s a giant robot and the buttons on the front shoot out desserts … cookies and cupcakes and cakes.  Sounds like just the kind of robot a 4 year-old would want to have around.

In honor of the preschoolers Recycled Robot day, I’ve put the PLAYFUL ROBOT pillowcase back in the shop.  I love these bright playful colors, perfect for children.  I also like that while it’s perfect for a little boys room, the fabric is playful enough and not so boyish that it could totally work for a robot loving little girl.


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