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Washi Tape Crafting Kit

February 6, 2013

Remember the zippered pouch washi tape holder I made last month?  I did send it to her filled with washi tape for her birthday.  I thought I’d show you what I sent it with.

I collected a dozen rolls of washi tape … I used 40% off coupons, searched clearance aisles, and hit the hidden gem of washi tape … Target’s office supply section … four good size basic rolls (solid, micro dot, large polka dot, stripe) for $4 – $1/roll what a great price! and decent colors too … navy, teal/green, red.   The longer pouch fit all 12 rolls perfectly!  I was so pleased.

I don’t think many 9 year-olds know what washi tape is … let alone what to do with it.  She needed an idea book, and supplies to make stuff, asap.  ‘Cause unlike all my adult friends, she’s not going to take her laptop to her crafting table/room/corner, get lost in the inspiration of pinterest and go to town using years of accumulated supplies.  She is only 9, so I sent her some of my stash …

Washi Tape Craft Kit

Using all the great tutorials pinned on pinterest I created the little idea book you see here.  It has about a dozen washi tape projects that I thought a 9 year-old could do plus a few she could grow into.  I also tried to show her what washi tape could be used for above and beyond what she might do now at 9.  I then put together a little crafting kit of supplies … a stack of blank note cards, an assortment of tags, paper and cardstock to make a few of these darling little blank books, clothes pins, and cotton twine so she could make a few things right away.


I’m thinking this may become my next go-to birthday gift for my older girls crafty friends.  It’s pretty ageless and as they get older and older it’s hard to think of things for them to take to birthday parties.

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