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Mail Art

January 26, 2013

I recently heard the rebroadcast of an interview with Kiera Coffee on Martha Stewart Radio’s program, The Back Story.  Kiera wrote a piece for Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine back in October 2012 entitled The Art of Mail, where she talks about all the different little found objects she has put a stamp on and sent through the mail – as is, not packaged.  It’s a fun concept and one I’m intrigued by.  Kiera suggests sending small objects rather than large objects.  She’s sent and received bark, embroidered pieces of fabric and paper, toys, rocks.  I’m hoping I can find this issue at the library so I can see the photography I assume goes along with this story.

When I was younger I loved to play with the letters and messages I sent through the mail.  I sent photos as postcards, all the time. Turned catalog pages (J.Crew was one of my favorites) or the comics into envelopes.  Receiving a piece of mail is an exciting experience, and one that is less and less experienced.  The art of mailing is something I hope never dies out, I don’t ever want to not experience the excitement of getting a piece of personal mail.

My niece celebrates a birthday today and if all goes well, this box will arrive on her doorstep this afternoon.  I’m pretty confident the contents will be exciting, but I’m also hoping the simple box decoration I added in lieu of a birthday card will add to the excitement and anticipation of getting her very own box.



Here’s another idea for fun mail … love this idea!  Wouldn’t it make a fun birthday or congratulations card?  Haven’t done it yet, but I want to.

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