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Felt Scrap Wreath / Bracelet

December 18, 2012


121812_6477The Preschooler has a standing playdate with her BFF.  Occasionally, I try to do little art projects with the girls, and this week I got a bee in my bonnet to make little felt wreath ornaments, something I’ve seen online in tons of places, and have wanted to make for ages.

I have a gallon ziplock bag filled with scrap pieces of felt.  This looked like a good way to use up odds and ends.  I cut them into 1″-1.25″ squares and poked the center of each square with a large darning needle.

We gave the girls a piece of floral wire (~18 gauge with the end bent back so the felt wouldn’t easily slide off as they strung them) and a pile of felt squares.  The end result was darling – even if the girls insisted on using them as bracelets rather than wreaths.

I still had tons of felt, so I cut more squares.  For a 3″ diameter wreath you need 90-100 squares.  I made a little felt wreath kit for my state-side nieces, with enough supplies for them to each make a wreath.  I’m hoping it’s something they will find fun and can do over winter break to keep from getting bored.

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