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Summer Crafting Flashback: Postcards

August 30, 2012

Earlier this summer I saw Heather’s post about Fabric Postcards and really wanted to do something like this with the kids to mail to cousins.  The following week my three younger kids did the project together using paper scraps, punches, glitter and even sequins.  It made for a perfect inside activity that kept them happy and busy and not in front of the television when the outside temperatures were holding at 105 or hotter and our pool was out of commission while we waited for a replacement part to arrive.

I’m totally digging some of these great combinations.  My littlest two made postcard after postcard after postcard.  We gave them a couple of generous coats of modge podge and let them dry.  A few needed additional coats to keep everything down nice and secure to make it through the mail successfully.

Now to get the kids to write messages on these great pieces of art and actually put them through the mail.  Cross your fingers, some of these beauties have a lot of layers!

By the way, I found another cute idea for cousin pen pals on Sometimes Creative, using boxes of movie theater candy you can purchase in the candy isles at the big box discount stores for about a dollar.  I’m thinking this idea would make a sweet replacement birthday card to mail out to nieces and nephews in lieu of a Hallmark?  I’m thinking it would be a whole more fun to receive and cost about the same, maybe even less.

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