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Fire Safety

August 20, 2012

The preschooler and I went on an outing to the fire station with our little playgroup this morning and we learned some tips I’d never heard before … remember I’ve been on lots and lots of fire station tours.

  • Have children sleep with their doors closed.  That closed door will do a lot to keep heat, smoke and flames from spreading into your child’s room.
  • When a child wakes up to a smoke detector going off and they can’t leave their bedroom, have them stuff clothes, blankets, etc. under the door to seal up the crack.  The smoke created from a house fire is extremely dangerous – you want them to try and keep that smoke out of their bedroom.
  • It is really important kids don’t hide during a house fire.  Don’t hide under the bed, don’t hide in the closet.  If they can’t crawl out of the window, teach them to stay by the window and make noise and wave when they see or hear a fire fighter.
  • If your child is in a upper story bedroom and and can’t get out of the window, have them open it and if possible throw somethings out of it … clothing, toys, etc.  That will help quickly signal to the fire fighters that someone is up there.

This really reinforced the need for us to do regular fire drills with our kids.  The fire fighter who gave our tour does drills with his kids where he blind folds them.  He said house fire smoke is thick and dark, you can’t see through it.  So they have to be able to do it without seeing much.

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