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Special Occasion Chic with EtsyKids

July 7, 2012

Getting the family outfitted for a special occasion … like a friend/siblings wedding or a big anniversary party for grandparents/great grandparents, etc. … is suppose to be fun.  Can I just say from experience when you feel limited to what you can find at the chain retailers at the mall or online that it is anything but fun.  Nothing coordinates, nothing is the right color or style or size – especially when trying to find things that work together for five middle school – preschool aged kids.  It’s enough to make this grown mother cry.  So how do you make it easier?  How do you make it a bit more fun than stressful?  Incorporate handmade pieces into your special occasion wardrobe.

Handmade allows you to get the custom coordinated look your looking for without having your kids look like cookie cutter cutouts of each other.  Working with a seamstress who can do custom work will help you immensely!  They can help you use the same fabric or coordinated fabrics to create vests, bow ties, skirts/dresses.  Or use a couple of handmade shops to create the look you want … one doing hair accessories, another doing something for the boys and a third working on the girls.

Who do you love to turn too when needing to outfit your kids for a special occasion?


Special Occasion Flower Crown for Little Girls by AmandasAngels
Little boys formal yellow/green waistcoat by OliveandVince
Monogrammed necklace for flower girl or bridesmaids by pickledbeads
Little Guys BowTie, newborn-2T by myLittleTrendsetters
Monogrammed Dress, beading with ribbon sleeves by fabricfunetc
Wedding tuxedo baby’s bib by ABabyNotion
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