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July 5, 2012

This nuzzie is so gorgeous!   Velvety soft, baby pink bubble dot Minkee fleece is paired with pink gingham trim and a beautiful ivory flannel with dainty pink flowers sprinkled across the fabric.  The flowers are simple, classic and oh so very little girl!

Nuzzies are over-sized, square blankets that grow with the baby and this one is measures 45″ square.

My kids love their nuzzies.  The Kindergartner turns 6 this summer and has had his since he was born.  We used it to cover his car seat, to lay on the floor for naps and to play on when we were on the road or visiting.  As a toddler it was his nap-time/bedtime/soothing blanket that solved every crisis.  And now as a big kid, it’s a TV, reading a book, cuddle at bedtime blanket, that still covers him up, even if he has to curl up a bit to fit.

It’s in the shop and ready to ship.

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