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For the Easter Bunny

April 5, 2012

We’ve been clearing our property of fallen branches from winter, breaking them down into fire wood or sticks to chip.  You know you’ve been spending hours doing a job when you start to think and look for projects to do with sticks and branches.  Such was the case when I found this wonderfully clever project for Paper Mache Carrot pencils.  It was too fun to pass up and a great diversion from my stick picking up duties.

Instead of pencils, I used sticks sharpened with a belt sander.   [The Husband thought we should use the extras in our own Hunger Games <not>].  I found heavier newspaper worked better and held together easier than straight newsprint.  And I wonder if I’d used brown paper if I would have needed fewer coats of paint to cover up the ink on the newspaper.  For the carrot greenery, I deconstructed a flower pick/bush from Michael’s that had flowers glued to a few of the ends.  I undid all of the floral tape, and even took the greenery off the wooden sticks, then cut the strip in half and wrapped it around the end of my stick securing it with tape.  I cut off the flowers and trimmed some of the greens to help it look a bit more realistic.

Thinking back, I don’t think I’ve ever done a paper mache project before, so I wasn’t super prepared for how messy it is.  I loved seeing the project take shape and each piece look more and more like a real carrot.  I found the carrots made with a thicker paste (aka more flour), turned out better than those that used a thinner paste – live and learn.  But I’m glad I now have these to use as bright pop of color in my Spring decor.

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