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Mother Goose

March 26, 2012

The preschooler just finished a unit on nursery rhymes.  As a fun wrap-up, all the kids were invited to dress up as a character from a Mother Goose nursery rhyme.  I was so impressed with the creativity!  We were asked to use everyday items for our costumes.  Jack be nimble had a taper candle and small candle holder.  The Baker from The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker wore an chef hat and apron from a kids cooking toy kit (this also worked for the Muffin Man, who also carried a muffin tin).  Hickory, Dickory, Doc wore a paper clock face on his t-shirt and carried a mouse.  Little Bo Peep had a long stick that was bent into a P shape to mimic a Shepard’s hook.  They were great!

From the beginning, the preschooler was set on being Mother Goose.  She was so excited!!  She picked out one of the bonnets I made a couple of years ago for a pioneer event and I found a small Ty Beanie Baby duck we got when the 6th grader was an itty bitty babe to use as her props.  I also made her a little goose hair barrette to mark the occasion.  A friend had just posted a tutorial for a crocheted chic on her blog and I thought with the right colors it could easily be a goose.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t make the wing right … it doesn’t match the wing Steph made, but it’s cute, was super quick and easy to make and ended up being the only costume the Preschooler wore … she was in a funk (which sadly seems to be less funk and more the norm for her lately) and refused to participate … refused to wear her costume pieces, refused to march in the parade, refused to let me leave … great fun!  At least she was willing to wear the Mother Goose hair clip!

Wouldn’t this little chick be adorable for an Easter Egg hunt or Spring pictures?  You’ll find Steph’s tutorial at This Homemade Life.

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