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One step closer to being Green

March 23, 2012

6 months ago I started a sewing project … it was one small part of much larger effort to revamp and improve the kids sack lunches.

Last school year my SIL mentioned she was using reusable sandwich bags for her kids lunchboxes.  She’d purchased a couple different brands and had preferences on what she liked.  It has never occurred to me to that reusable sandwich bags even existed.  Clueless … and as it is with change, the seed was planted.  A couple months later, I purchased three beautiful reusable fabric sandwich bags from MamaMade on Etsy.  The kids thought they were awesome and I loved that they were made really well!  Those three bags have seen a lot of lunches and a lot of washes in the last two years.  Best purchase ever!

Three sandwich bags does not make a dent in the sandwich bag usage of a household of four school aged children.  No, 3 doesn’t even come close!  Minimum we need 8 a day and sometimes 12, that just 1 day … that’s a lot of sandwich bags.  As much as I wanted to purchase a couple dozen from another sewing mama, my budget had a panic attack.  {I hate it when that happens!}

I decided that while I saved my pennies for a bulk purchase, I’d purchase 1 yard of PUL and give making them myself a try … and I learned something … they are worth every penny of the $7.50 they cost.  Every penny.  Seriously.  Sewing PUL is a nightmare.

Despite taking me way more time than I ever imagined and being huge pain in the rear to make, my 1 yard of PUL has given me a great little start.  I managed to make 8 or so snack size and a few sandwich sized bags for the kids lunches and I’ve been really please with the end results.  Novice learning curve and all.  And they are getting a TON of use by all 5 kids which I love.

So bottom line, reusable sandwich bags are fantastic … huge success with the kids, holds everything a regular baggie does, does a good job of keeping things fresh, clean easily either in the washer, by hand or with a wash cloth.  If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of making them yourself – ’cause there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to do it – trust me when I say, “Buy them”, preferably handmade from Etsy.  There are lots of shops selling them, and I can vouch for the quality of the ones from MamaMade.

BTW, I gifted the bags pictured last week to some very cherished people (cause this kind of aggravation doesn’t get given away to just anyone <wink>) …  a couple are my little nephew’s late handmade Christmas gift and the others are a thank you gift to dear friends who watched my children for an long weekend.

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