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Sunday Evening Puzzle

March 18, 2012

My worst discoveries are typically made when I’m parenting solo.  Have you found that to be the case?

Toddlers opened a gallon of paint with a butter knife and practice painting in the kitchen, leaving a paint laden brush on the carpet which you discover seconds before the baby wakes up.  “Rain” coming from the basement ceiling, caused by an 8 year old who left the bathroom sink running for 9 hours into a mouthwash container he wanted to refill – only the mouthwash bottle didn’t allow liquid back in the bottle.  Or ALL the keys on the laptop popped off by a bored preschooler while she licked the icing bowl clean while you finished making dinner …

One key had been missing for quite some time, but I must say to discover all of them missing, was quite a shock.  And my first thought was, well I guess now’s as good a time as any to teach them the touch type method …

Taking a closer look at the buttons and keys, none of the plastic was broken!  So the boys and I decided to see if by sure luck, a few would snap back on.   And it worked!!  Absolutely amazing.

We worked together, making a great team.  The Kindergartner would line up the keys in the order the 3rd grader would shout out as he looked at a different keyboard and we’d snap them back in place.  The larger keys were a challenge, and the ENTER key – she managed to get the plastic white square button cover off two — that was a bear to put back together again, but we did it!  And all the keys function … amazing.

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