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Derby Races and Ewok Cupcakes

February 28, 2012

The cub scout’s pinewood derby race was this weekend.  Our house has been a flurry of activity as one cub scout, three siblings and one dad designed, cut, sanded, painted, and prepped their cars for the big race.  I’m always impressed with how well my husband allows the children so much creative licensing.  The cars were all 100% their cars … from conception to completion.  And he let them do as much of the work on their cars as their age and ability would safely allow.

The cub scout took third place in the cubs derby.   His car is the silver grey in the lower left corner with the 2 drivers in the picture above.  Below is him racing the Batmobile in a tiebreaker race for 2nd and 3rd.

The kindergartner took third in the open race, taking great pleasure in “smoking” his dad.  The kindergartners care is pictured below left, next to his Dad’s low rider car.  DH totally lucked out with is his car.  It weighed exactly 5.0 oz – so lucky since his design didn’t really accommodate for adding weights.

The paint on the boys cars is some my husband discovered a couple of years ago when the cub scout was a Tiger … it’s called Dupli-Color Mirage.  The Cub Scout used Ice and the preschooler choose Purple/Green.  He purchased them from Amazon who apparently at the time had the best price (he says the price has gone up since he purchased them … not sure I totally believe him. 😉  )

Our troop combines it’s Derby with the Blue and Gold Banquet and the boys selected Star Wars as their theme for the events.  Families were asked to bring Star Wars themed desserts for a judged contest.

Our submission, Ewok Cupcakes, [thanks to a little inspiration I found on pinterest] also took third place in this contest.

They are made using chocolate cupcakes, chocolate fudge frosting, chocolate butter cream frosting, mini oreos and peanut butter chips.  First frost the entire cupcake with a tick layer of fudge frosting, then using a #18 star tip, fill in the top  1/2 of the cupcake top with chocolate butter cream stars.  Then add the mini oreos ears … be sure to space them far apart for the right affect, and then insert the chips upside down for the eyes and nose.  Adorable!  And they came together really quickly.   The sad thing was none of my children had any idea what and Ewok was.  We have got to have a Star Wars movie marathon!!

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