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Sweet Mary Janes

February 2, 2012

Back in November I started searching for the perfect handmade gift to make my sisters.  I discovered these lovely crocheted Mary Jane Slippers via Pinterest at goodknits, and knew my search was over.  I still consider myself a novice when it comes to crocheting, so it took me a couple of tries to get the toe right, but once I practiced it a few times they went together quickly and turned out so cute!

I made four pair that I gifted at Christmas, and then over the weekend I made a fifth pair.  My sister who is overseas returned to the states for an unexpected visit.  Everywhere we went I took my ball of yarn and hook, frantically trying to finish a pair for her to take home.  I got everything but the buttons on, which she was able to finish when she got home.  I just wish I’d thought to pack her circular scarf from two Christmas’s ago.

While in the airport, waiting for my return flight, I started on a charcoal grey pair for myself!  Years ago a sweet friend gifted me my first pair of crocheted Mary Jane slippers and I love them.  I was so sad when the yarn in the soles finally gave out.  I’ve been searching for the perfect replacement and this is it!!   My sisters love them, but have warned me they are quite slippery, so I’ll probably be adding a bit of puff paint or silicon caulk to the soles so I don’t give myself a concussion chasing kids out of the kitchen while I make dinner.

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