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Getting an Early Start

January 26, 2012

January 2nd I found myself in the grocery store getting odds and ends for dinner and found boxes of small candy canes for $.50/box.  Score!   Six boxes later and I had my kids valentines taken care of!  This year I’m filling them with almond bark and sprinkles.

My Silpat is once again perfect for this project.

To make filling the candy canes easier, I place a plastic baggie inside a glass bowl, and set 3-4 chopped squares of almond bark inside the bag.  Make sure the sides stand up as much as possible.  Microwave as directed on the package of almond bark to melt.  Once completely melted, cut a bottom corner off of your bag.  Don’t make the cut too large or two small or the almond bark will come out too quickly or too slowly – both cause frustration and a bit of a mess.

Fill the two candy canes with almond bark using a V pattern or back and forth motion.  Then use the back of a teaspoon to smooth out the almond bark and fill in any holes.

Then quickly, while the almond bark is still soft and gooey, sprinkle with Valentine Nonpareils or tiny heart shape sprinkles.  Let sit until set and store in an lidded container.

Don’t try and do too many at one time or the almond back will set up before you have a chance to smooth it out or add the nonpareils — and trust me while the end result is eatable, isn’t very cute.

Now I need to come up with how to package 100 of these puppies… yep, 100.

Here are last year’s striped candy cane Valentines.

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