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My Pinboard in Action!

November 4, 2011

My Pinterest BoardOctober was a busy crafting month – so much fun!  Mid-month, I hosted the annual women’s retreat again and test drove some possible projects to have on hand for the evening.  I am constantly collecting ideas for these retreats and other events.  Can I just say that I love smart technically innovative people who make my life easier and better through technology!  I ♥ Pinterest.  No longer am I scrolling through lists of urls trying to find a little bit of brilliance I bookmarked months before.

The first project I tried was one we’ve taken a few weeks to complete, mainly because we only worked on it during little snippets of time here and there, rather than sitting down and banging the whole thing out.  Some project really lend themselves to that approach, and if you want, this is one of those.

The original project comes from a new-to-me-blog, twoshadesofpink, and I fell in love with it instantly.  I loved everything about it: totally usable, a kid friendly project that involved paint, inexpensive but not junky, with a high potential for becoming something I can gift since my little brood really, really, really likes to paint and if successful, would turn out many, many, many painted leaf tags.  Ahem, and they did.

Jessica’s instructions are super easy to follow!  I bought myself some new Martha Stewart paints from Michaels (including copper MS glitter paint), used Kato Polyclay, and improvised with a slightly different cookie cutter set (so sad it didn’t have an oak leaf).  I am tickled pink, with how they turned out … even when cut out by a 5 year-old, scored by an 11 year-old, and painted by a 3 year-old.

I’m really digging the glitter paint on the acorns – a worthy splurge.

My twist on Jessica’s project was to turn them into slightly more permanent napkin rings rather than just napkin tags … visions of some non-crafty [male/child] dinner guest throwing away my tag after Thanksgiving Dinner … <gasp!> yeah, I’m not sure I’d handle that well.

To create the napkin ring, cut a toilet paper roll tube in half – yep a toilet paper roll tube.  Clean up the cut edge so it’s smooth and straight.

Paint dark brown and allow paint to dry.

Wrap tightly with dark brown raffia.  Starting at the top of the tube and using white glue that dries clear, glue the end of a piece of raffia to the tube.  Use clothes pins to keep the raffia in place while the glue dries.  Wrap the raffia in a tight coil around the tube.  If multiple lengths of raffia are needed, just glue the end down as smoothly as possible and repeat with the new piece.  Once all the glue is dry, tie a thin length of raffia around the top 1/3rd of the tube (down about a half inch from the top), thread a tag on, and tie securely with a double knot.  Trim raffia to desired length.

Store in a box and stuff with tissue or thick rolls of newsprint to prevent them from getting crushed.

They are going to look amazing on my Thanksgiving dinner table, especially after I borrow my mother’s chocolate brown cloth napkins to put them around.

Monday, I’ll share the project I settled on to share at the women’s retreat and a little of what we did – so fun!

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  1. Andrea Stewart permalink
    November 5, 2011 8:30 am

    Those look amazing!

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