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A Texas Baby Bundle

November 2, 2011

Last month a friend called to see if I could make up a Texas baby blanket bundle for her brand new nephew.

What’s that?!  You’ve never heard of a Texas Baby Blanket Bundle before? …  Neither had I really, but it fits.

Texas, like the rest of the south and southwest … is hot all the time. This year it’s been exceptionally warm, so she wanted mostly light weight cotton blankets, rather than my standard triplet set of flannel.  What we sent her new nephew, turned out really cute and perfect for a Texas baby.

Light weight cotton swaddling and receiving blankets
One extra large swaddling blanket (~42″ square) in brown and white striped seersucker embroidered with teddy bears (left).  One large 100% cotton receiving blanket (34″ x 42″) in a super soft bright blue geometric (center).  One large 100% cotton flannel receiving blanket (34″ x 42″) in a fabulous tiled geometric of brown, blues and green (right).

All are lightweight, and oh so breathable easily swaddling a baby through the cooler months of winter and into spring.  I love how versatile this size is … they double as nursing and car seat covers, play mats and nap time blankets, super hero capes and so much more.

Seersucker Swaddling Blanket for Baby

I am just in love with this seersucker.  When my oldest was a born, we were given a seersucker swaddling blanket and I used it so much during the hot Kansas summer.  I picked up a piece for a baby girl … pink stripes with the more adorable elephants embroidered on it. Now I just need a new baby girl to make it up for.

Most of my swaddling and receiving blanket work is done by request, as I never seem to be able to keep what I have made up long enough to list it.  But I have tons of really cute fabrics in lots of colors and themes.  So if you’re needing a baby blanket bundle for a new babe, let me know and I’d be happy to stitch something up for you.

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