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WEEK 1:: Me, Myself and I

August 3, 2011

Two weeks ago I ran across a photography challenge via Pinterest.  I left the tab with the blog hosting the challenge up on my computer for a good 24 hours.  I casually mentioned it to my husband, saying maybe I could do it since it’s only once a week, then in the dead of night, I commented on the thread, sealing my participation.  And here I am at the 11th hour, so to speak, of the first week with my first assignment.

Week 1 = self portrait.  

I have to tell you I was sorely tempted to use my favorite “self portrait” from four years ago.  It was taken with one of our old DSLR Nikons.  It was a foiled attempt at a picture of the Kindergartner and I.  The camera body was big and difficult to hold while holding him and still fire the shutter button and get the camera angle correct.  So it’s cockeyed angle has  made for a fun avatar ever since.   On day two of challenge week one I tried taking a self portrait using my Nikon DSLR’s self-timer perched on the dash as I drove across the neighboring state to my parents.  When I finally looked at the results, my pride would not allow me to publish the slight double chin picture I got, even if I was incognito behind big sunglasses.  The angle was all wrong … even propped with a CD audio book under the body and a local coupon book holding up the lens, it was not enough.

So this afternoon while my kids and I were finally able to venture outside again, thanks to a cold front that lowered our temperatures below 100 for the first time in ages, I used the camera on my phone (Android) to snap a half dozen pictures of me, and got this one.  So here I am, me, myself and I.

You can see the other entries and follow the challenge, or even join up at A Step in the Journey.  Tomorrow week 2 starts and I’ll be searching for how to capture “what makes me smile” in a single photograph.

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