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Thank You’s for the End of a Great Season

May 25, 2011

Saturday our Spring soccer season came to an end, and yesterday was the last day of school.  Both occasions called for thank you gifts for the end of successful seasons.  The kids teachers and coaches went to great lengths to provide positive environments that promoted learning and growth.  When I saw these Coach Thank-you Tags over at eighteen25 it was a no brainer what the kids would be giving their coaches.  I printed slightly smaller versions of what they have posted, finding that I preferred a 4×6 size to the 5×7 provided.  They were a simple heart felt thank you for a great season.

I opted to do the same thing for the kids teachers.  I created a very similar card using school spirit colors, and adhered it to a blank note card so the kids could each write a personal note to their teachers.

I’ve created a PDF with four cards on them, just in case you have multiple teachers you need to thank and school’s not already out in your area.  One in Red and Blue – surely we aren’t the only school with those colors! – and one in Hershey SKOR colors to work with any school.  Finished size of each card is 3.5″ x 5″, perfect for a half sheet card, slightly cut down to fin in a 4″ treat sack filled with four candy bars.  Tape down the end flap and tie it with a ribbon.  These also work very nicely during teacher appreciation week.

One last tip, for a polished look no matter how they look at it, put the candy bars in the treat bag so the outer SKOR label is always showing (not the nutritional information).

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  1. May 25, 2011 4:21 pm

    great idea kathleen!!!

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