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Winter Crocheting

February 17, 2011

It’s going to be in the upper 60s today!   The last of the snow melted yesterday and it looks like Spring might be on it’s way for good.  But we shall see.  The mid-west can be tricky, and the weather is never predictable.

Once the temperatures get cold, I tend to pull out the yarn and start crocheting little projects.  The sewing room is drafty and cold, and I can use a hook and yarn while snuggled under a quilt on the couch.  I spent much of second half of December and all of January with yarn in my lap.  I made  long cowl scarves for 2 of my sisters and 1 sister-in-law.  Then I made 2 more to finish up the yarn.  Then I needed birthday gifts for two nieces with January birthdays.  With their birthdays coming so quickly after Christmas, I tend to send handmade gifts.

Using a modified version of a pattern I love and have used many, many times, I made my niece this little hat.  It has six rows of double crochets, then one row V-st and one row of lazy shells.  There are some great crochet flower directions that were just posted here.

I love this hat! and what totally makes it is that huge fuchsia flower.  It totally works with my nieces bold and beautiful personality and I think it will last her a couple of years.

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