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January 19, 2011

Did you know, today, January 19th, is national popcorn day!

Over Christmas while visiting my parents, Mom and I made a batch of caramel corn.  It was delicious!   Tomorrow I’m going to make another batch for us to enjoy while we sit and watch the snow continue to fall outside.

As a little kid Mom would pop corn for us in a large kettle on the stove and we’d eat it by the bowl fulls while watching Disney’s Sunday night movie.  A year or more ago, when my son needed 40 cups of popcorn I thought I’d give Mom’s method a try … kettle, after kettle, after kettle of burned kernels later, I abandoned that method and used the brown-paper-bag-in-the-microwave method to reach my 40 cups.

After watching my mother, again, pop corn on the stove for our caramel corn I decided to give it another try – New Years Eve.  Pure success yielding another great batch of caramel corn!!  What made the difference this time around?  Not following the directions on the back of the bag of kernels and following my mothers biggest tip.  When you put the oil in the bottom of the kettle/large deep stock pot, add 3-4 test kernels.  When you hear them pop, add your 1/4-1/3 cup of kernels, spreading them around the bottom of the pot.  Put the lid back on and listen carefully and be ready to remove the pot from the heat quickly.   Once the popping starts to slow, remove the pot from the heat and let the kernels finish popping.  Dump in a bowl, sprinkle with salt, toss and enjoy!   So delicious.

Hope you find some time to enjoy a bowl of popcorn this week!  What’s your favorite popcorn recipe?

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