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More handmade gifting

December 25, 2010

I didn’t photograph the girls gifting efforts as well as the boys … for shame.  I’ve been collecting tutorials for inexpensive, simple gift giving projects for months and let the girls choose which project they wanted to make for everyone.  I love their choices, because they each choose something that goes perfectly with what they love and are passionate about.

The 5th grader made corner bookmarks (using this tutorial) for everyone … embellishing them to her hearts content with stickers and ink.  She is passionate about reading and has a love for paper crafting.

The 4th grader made all the ladies a jar of vanilla brown sugar body scrub and threw in a couple of shower scrubs I had leftover from this summer.  She made the boys each got a monogrammed pump of hand soap.  She is passionate about being in the kitchen.

The toddlers project is one we haven’t got too yet, but I hope to before it’s too late.  I ordered too many of these for a church project earlier this month and so it quickly lent itself to a simple taping project for the toddler to help me with.  We shall see.

I picked up my crochet hook for the first time in months and months and did some quick crocheting for my sisters thanks to a pattern I purchased from CandacesCloset’s shop on Etsy.  The pattern is very simple and, thankfully for me, only takes a couple of hours to stitch up.  Best of all my sisters love them!  If you opt for this pattern, purchase three balls of yarn.  The pattern only uses 1/3 of the 2nd skein of yarn, with a third skein you can make 2 complete circle scarves.

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