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Operation Christmas Child

November 10, 2010

I love November … the little space we have between Halloween and Christmas.  The preschooler’s preschool is focusing a lot this month on sharing, specifically sharing with those in need.  For me it’s a great lead-in to Thanksgiving and Christmas and the values we are trying to teach and instill in our children.

I’ve been looking for more opportunities this year for us to share our abundance with others.  From little things like, donating a dollar at McDonald’s for Ronald McDonald charities, to slightly bigger projects like assembling a school kit for a local church ministry.

This week the preschool is collecting small items for Operation Christmas Child.  Each of the classes hopes to fill two shoe boxes with small toys, candies and supplies.  The shoe box will be delivered to a needy child at Christmas.  The preschooler and I went shopping in the dollar bins and clearance isles and found slinkies and hot rods, harmonicas and silly bands.  Then we did a little “free” shopping through Mama’s stock pile of new school supplies, stickers and kids craft kits for more little items we could pass along.

And then to make my budget stretch a little further, I used supplies I had to make a few other additions.  They are simple and yet functional items I hope will bring continued use throughout the year.  If you’re still looking for handmade Christmas gift projects, these would be fantastic!

Hair Accessories:: Cover button pony ties and yo-yo and cover button flower clips.

Baby Doll Accessory Pack:: Flannel Receiving Blanket and flannel cloth diapers for the baby doll.  I’ve got a ton of these in the works.  If you’re giving baby dolls as gifts this year and want a set, let me know.

Super Hero Mask:: I made one of these for the preschool last spring.  He has loved it!  We’ve even made some to give with birthday presents.  I’m hoping for some time in the next little bit so I can draw up a pattern and basic instructions.  They would make a great little tuck in for stockings.

What are you doing to help your children realize their abundance and share with those in need?

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