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Haunting Fun for the Kids Rooms

October 11, 2010

Here the are!  The two on the left glow in the dark!!  The stars and jack-o-lantern faces glow – so fun.

The preschooler’s pillowcase is the second from the left … orange pumpkins, cats and bats on the cuff with purple bats on black as the body.  The husband kept telling me I couldn’t not sneak into his room Friday night and stage a photograph of the little stars and happy jack faces glowing … really?!  It’s an overcast day today, so maybe tonight before the preschooler hits the hay, I’ll be able to snap a picture or two to show you how they glow.

Holiday pillowcases are one of my kids favorite parts of decorating and preping for the holidays.  I started making holiday pillowcases when one of my younger sisters was a Freshmen in college.  I’d send her a new pillowcase for most of the holidays, starting with Halloween, in a little care package with other fun goodies.  Later when my kids came along, I did the same for them.   They have so much fun getting to have a little bit of the holiday decorating happen in their rooms on their beds.  I love that this little piece of me has become such a treasured tradition for them.

A couple of these are listed in the shop, but all are available for purchase, so just contact me if there is a design you want that I haven’t posted on Etsy.  Unless otherwise listed they are $18 each.

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