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PB&Js – Felt Food Tutorial

September 9, 2010

Last summer I helped organize a series of relay races for a church activity for young children. As part of one of the races, they needed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich … for mess, allergy and cost reasons, I needed fake, cheap and reusable means of letting 50 kids make PB&Js.  Given the felt food craze, this form instantly came to mind. There are lots of really complicated and involved ways to make beautiful and extremely realistic slices of bread, but I was going for fast, simple, mass production, and this totally worked for what we wanted.

You’ll see my tutorial is super simple, so it won’t take you much time to whip up 8-10 slices of bread (yielding 4-5 sandwiches) – you’ll want that many so the kids can really do something with them once you give them all the fixin’s.  I put all the slices of bread  in an empty bread sack and used empty plastic peanut butter and jelly jars from the recycling bin to hold our felt spreads.   I’m sure you’ll start to think of lots of other sandwich fixings you could make … lunch meats, lettuce, cheese, tomato … while standing in the felt isle at the craft store.

With my older kids back in school, I think it’s time to pull our bin of play food out and have the two little ones explore a bit with these again.  We might even add a couple of lunch sacks to our bin and let them make their school lunches just like the big kids.

* Linking up with Finger Prints on the Fridge Link Party and Skip to my Lou, Made by You Monday.

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