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Giant Roasters

September 6, 2010
A couple of weeks ago my Mom sent us a package which included a bag of Giant Roasters, Campfire Marshmallows.  These are huge marshmallows … about 2″ x 2″ x2″ and tonight we discovered they make the best s’mores!
Because of their size they take some patience to roast and get soft all the way through, but their size allows them to hold the heat long enough to actually melt the chocolate!
Giant Roaster S’mores are made with one giant roaster marshmallow, two full graham cracker rectangles and half a bar of Hershey’s chocolate (their recipe calls for a full bar, but we cut it in half and that was plenty … two rows of three chocolate pieces run very nicely down the middle of a graham cracker).
I was thrilled to see our local grocery store chain had these marshmallows in stock!!
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