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Girls Night Out

September 1, 2010

Hello September!

Summer was wonderful and full and fun, which meant no time to blog!   But I have lots to share, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

At the end of June I hosted a Girls Night Out for all the ladies at church.  So much fun!  We brought in a beautiful chocolate fountain and dipped all sorts of fun things in the smooth sweet chocolate.  We ate and talked all night long.  As a thanks for coming, I gave each one a goodie bag filled with things I made.  I had a super small budget, but am really pleased with how much I was able to make by purchasing a few basic items and embellishing with scraps from the craft room.

* Bath Salt Pouches for the shower or bath – yellow and lavender wash cloths, top left of picture

Contrary to the advice in the tutorial, I used my sewing machine to sew the wash clothes closed.  Messy, yes, but I simply didn’ t have time to hand sew them all closed.  Next time I might use the clear rubber bands – quick and reusable.

* Clothes Pins – middle right of picture

There are a hundred different ways to do this … just ask google.  I used matte decoupage glue and found that cutting my paper strips to the size of the clothes pin worked best – 3/8″ x 3-1/8″ – for me.  In the past I’ve glued strip magnets on the back for use on the refrigerator.  They are clipped to a plain 3×5 card and had I had the cash, I’d have put them in a small baggie, but I didn’t so the hung free.

* Washer Pendant necklaces – bottom middle of picture

I purchased my washers in bulk from an online marine store, but later found them at Home Depot for roughly the same price – and from there you can purchase them one at a time, or in packs of 25.  I also found a “liquid laminate” at Hobby Lobby for $2 a bottle.  It’s bottled like rubber cement and did a good job of making the shinny surface on the pendants that I wanted.  The only down side is that it didn’t level it’s self , so the clear glossy coat didn’t dry smooth.  I have seen that mod-podge carries a dimensional glaze but have yet to see it in the craft stores.  Anyone tried it?

* Petite Notepad – lower left corner of picture

This project is so dirt cheap and cute I simply can’t stand it!  I used notebook paper leftover from my college days – how it hasn’t yellowed with age in the last 15 years is a miracle – and chipboard from the recycling bin.  I used a large piece of scrapbook paper to cover the entire back of the notepad to cover the printed size of the chipboard, and found that a butter knife does a great job of flattening staples!

* Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub (not pictured)

I had friends save size 2 baby food jars for me and I used them to package the hand scrub.  The perfect size for a little tester.

I LOVE the versatility of a white lunch sack!  I always have them on hand for quick packaging needs.  Everything got bundled up in the white lunch sack that I punched using a MS craft punch I found on clearance.  So pretty, so casually elegant.

The crazy thing, I hardly made a dent in my paper scrap stash.  I really thought making 40 of these paper intensive projects would make a bigger dent in my supply.

BTW::  The washer pendant necklaces made a little appearance at a family reunion this summer.  All the little tween girls had so much fun making a pendant!


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