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Berry Picking

May 31, 2010

Our Memorial Day started with a flag raising ceremony and pancake feed to benefit the local scout troop.  After a filling and patriotic breakfast, we made a quick stop at home for supplies and then drove off to the country to pick strawberries at a friends patch.   Oh the berries we picked … 15 quarts!  I still don’t know what we’re going to do with all of them … eat them for sure, freeze some, and then hopefully some jam too!

Picking strawberries is one of our families favorite activities for early Summer.  With five little helpers this summer, Papa and I knew the experience would be much happier if everyone had their own berry bucket, but as I started to quickly collect bowls from the kitchen, I didn’t have enough.  eeek!  think fast…

A couple of months ago I saw the “super scoopers” in Family Fun Magazine and started saving milk jugs so I could make a half dozen or so for the kids craft supplies.  They are fantastic for markers, glue bottles, scissors, etc.  So I grabbed the three I could find (dumping the glue sticks, glue bottles and scissors out onto the craft room floor) and quickly rinsed and cut up the jug the kids finished up last night at dinner.  Armed with four super scoopers, and three graduating plastic bowls, we were off.

You can now add “berry picking bucket” to the list of uses for the milk jug super scooper.  They are fantastic for little hands, even toddlers.  They are light weight, have a handle, stand up well on their own, and hold plenty of berries!  This new found use means I’m going to need to hang on to a half dozen more jugs (I won’t have to wait long, 7 gallons is what we go through in less than two weeks).  I’m thinking they’ll come in handy when the garden starts producing peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

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