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Tips for Making a Scrappy Flower

May 27, 2010

I thought I’d share a couple of tips for making the scrappy flower brooch I made the girls for their aprons … I’m sort of addicted and can’t seem to stop making them.   For the full instructions of how to make the brooch, please see the original tutorial.

Because I am intensely visual, I took a bunch of pictures to show you my little tricks to make the finished product look even more polished.

  1. First, make sure your first scrap is a short piece, especially if you are using bold colors or differing colors like the fabrics used in the tutorial and in mine. Keep it to ~3″ and I think you’ll be happier with the results.  You don’t want the center of your flower taking up all the attention and if it’s a 6″ or 10″ piece, it will.
  2. I found turning the ends of my strip in before I folded and serged my strip, made forming the flower easier. I folded the end edges inside and down, forming a triangle at each end, so when the strip was folded, all the raw edges lined up together and were covered by the serger.
  3. For the girls flowers, I preferred a length of ~45″ (1.25 yds).  It created a petite flower perfect for their smaller frame.  Not easy when you have a pile of pretty scraps to pick from!
  4. Knowing my flower would need to stand up to lots of little hands inspecting it, I used a lot more thread and made lots of tight strong stitches to keep my flower intact.  During the first few rounds I was able to send my needle through the diameter of the “bud,” pivoting the needle as it when through the bud so it would come out in a new location around the flower.  As more and more rounds got added to the flower, and I couldn’t get the needle through the forming flower, I would send the needle through to the middle of the pivot out to a new spot from there.  Along the last three or so rounds of the flower, I would take my needle in three-four rows, again pivoting the needle to a new location along the outer edge of the flower, from the inner portion of the flower.  This really helped maintain the shape of the flower.
  5. One last tip.  I cut my felt circle large enough to cover my serging.  If you don’t have a serger and make this flower, you’ll want to be sure to do this too.  Cutting the circle large enough to cover the raw edges or the serged edges, allowed me to hide the mess with glue and felt.  Hopefully this will make for a longer lasting flower, too.

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