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May 2, 2010

I got the 4th graders birthday skirt finished seconds before we walked out the door to church!  Phew!  It looks darling on her  … of course I didn’t get a picture of her IN the skirt, but you’ll get the idea.  I used this pattern last year for the 3rd graders birthday skirt, but this time I didn’t lengthen it.

The 4th grader cut the pattern and fabric out for me during spring break … her first time laying out a pattern, pinning the pieces down and cutting the fabric following the paper pieces.   She did great, but we had a bit of a problem along the hemline … In order to make it modest enough to wear to church, I added the sunshine yellow trim as the hem.  The 5/8″ I should have used as the hem, got lost in straightening the hemline.  All good, the sunshine yellow is a darling addition to the skirt.  I also used it as the facing along the waist band.  Yet another little detail no one will see, but takes this mama made skirt and steps it up a notch.

BTW this is Butterick pattern is a good one.  I like how quickly it sews together.  Without interruptions I can sew it up in four hours or so … this week, I wasn’t able to do it all in one swoop, but it still came together really quickly.

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