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Posh Pillowcases

April 30, 2010

Back in March when I first caught wind of You Go Girl‘s Crochet along, Posh Pillowcase project, I had to make them!  Had to.  Hello, I make pillowcases, I’ve perfected the standard pillowcase.  But the construction of this version intrigued me, and the crocheted trim … hook, line and sinker.

With the 4th graders birthday just a couple days away, I’ve been working on some handmade gifts for her to use in her bedroom.  For weeks she’s been talking about wanting a new bed set … sheets, comforter set, anything and everything.  All of my suggestions that she talk with grandma (an avid, amazing quilter) and commission her to make a beautiful custom quilt for her bed, were quickly unrecognized and ultimately shot down.  She wants a store bought comforter …  <sigh> really?!

In the last couple of months, green has emerged as her favorite color.  I have completely nixed the horrific, commercialized Disney comforter set she has on her wish list, and am in search of something more “sophisticated” and more along the lines of what (I hope) she wants, in, of course, shades of grassy green.   I found this fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby earlier this week, I think it is going to make fantastic Posh Pillowcases.  I have a solid green to go with the teal and green polkadot damask and a sweet pale green with tiny white polka-dots to go with the cathedral window-isk print.

I’m nearly done with the pillowcases.  So fast and easy to sew up!  One note, I have a thing with directional fabric going the right way on a pillowcase.  So many handmade pillowcases with a direction fabric, end up having the print go parallel with the cuff — meaning that when you stand next to the bed, facing it, the print is facing you, but when you lay on the bed, looking at the pillow the print is side ways.  Because the damask is directional I did not follow You Go Girls instructions, and instead cut the fabric salvage to salvage, so the print would face the correct way when laying on the bed.  So many prints now are directional, and while it takes a bit more fabric to make a pillowcase using a directional print, the end look is more polished, and well, posh, no matter what technique you use to make your pillowcase.

The crocheted edge is going to need to wait for a week or two to get finished.  I can’t wait to get it all done up for her room and get started on the 3rd graders bed too!

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