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Fabric Gift Bags

March 27, 2010

The preschooler was invited to a birthday party today for a classmate … My Little Pony theme.  He picked out two new ponies to give her.  Don’t you love how excited they get as they weigh their options, seriously considering what gift their little friend would LOVE more than anything else!

I like to give something handmade whenever possible, and opted to go for a fabric gift bag instead of wrapping paper or a paper bag.  I’m not one for wrapping gifts anyway.  I LOVE paper, and I love a beautifully wrapped package, but the end result … trash always gets me.

What I love about the fabric gift bag is it’s totally multifunctional.   It can continue to be a gift bag for future gift giving but it can also serve so many useful proposes in the child’s day to day life, taking on a different role whenever necessary. It can be a toy bag and hold lots of ponies, it can be an activity bag for the car, a treasure bag, a jammie bag, an overnight bag or play date bag, etc.  And making them is quick  and simple.

Using fabric I had on hand, I used a variation of this tutorial (I did french seams instead of using my serger, which was in the shop), but this tutorial from Martha Stewart is also very good, and her’s is lined if you want something with a little more body to it.

The 4th grader has already insisted I show her how to make one and has grand plans for making many, many more!   We may have to pull out the Christmas fabric and get a head start on reducing our wrapping paper usage this year!

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  1. April 21, 2010 1:45 am

    Awesome. Elise loved the gift! (And I definitley loved the hand-made bag and can think of lots of uses for it in the future)

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