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Baby Gift

January 28, 2010

My friend Heather had baby #3 at the end of last month, a beautiful, darling, sweeter than sweet, teeny tiny girl.

I’ve known for ages this baby was coming and so I’ve been carefully searching for just the right baby gift.  Her mama is also a sewer of all things baby and I so wanted to give her something handmade, with my signature, so to speak, while still being something she would love and use over and over again with this babe.

I settled on one of my all time favorite girlie girl burp cloth bundles and a bib using a piece of vintage 50s fabric I’ve been saving for just this occasion.  There was just enough of the 50s fabric to also make a little tissue cozy for her diaper bag.

I love, love, love the embroidered ribbon in this burp cloth bundle!  I typically would never purchase this type of trim for a burp cloth. See, it costs about $8/yd … yeah.  But, I found it and it’s orange companion when they were 90% off and purchased every last inch!  So glad I did.  It bugged me just a little that all the pinks weren’t the same shade … so I didn’t photograph the entire gift … oh so silly.  Thankfully Heather did, so you can see the whole little ensemble here.  Don’t you just love that bumper!

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