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November 25, 2009

I don’t always focus well, especially when my feet are held to the fire by deadlines, and often get distracted by other “more exciting” things. Yesterday afternoon and this morning, when I should have been cleaning my house and preparing for tomorrow, or sewing pillowcases and photographing them for this weekends sale in the shop, I started something new to go above my mantel…

The inspiration and directions came from this tutorial. The pine cones, from the neighborhood park the kids and I went to for playgroup when they were off school. While they played, I picked 1/2 a brown paper grocery sack full. It wasn’t quite enough, so GR picked more for me this morning after purchasing our new dishwasher* and I was able to finish it up after lunch.

The directions say to use a Styrofoam wreath form. Styrofoam wasn’t on sale when I went to purchase a wreath, and I wasn’t willing to pay $7 for a small wreath form when a larger straw wreath (~14″ in diameter) was 1/2 off, costing a grand total of $1.80. I wrapping the straw wreath in brown calico from the gifted-to-me, box of vintage fabric, securing it to the form with lots of straight pins. It worked like a charm, and means I can return the $4 can of brown spray paint.

I love the way it turned out, even though it isn’t as nicely staged as hers. Mine really needs some stylizing help … Sara I so wish you lived next door! Maybe when I get the nativity up and some greens on the mantel it will help anchor and define the space … who knows.

If you have access to pine cones and like this look, it would make a fantastic handmade gift. Just make sure you have lots of similarly sized small pine cones, a hefty supply of hot glue and block out a good 3 hours to glue all these puppy on – or choose a slightly smaller wreath.

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