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It’s All About the Details

June 11, 2009
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Well before I opened Tiny Stitches, I wanted a label I could sew onto my handmade baby blankets or burp cloths, signing my name to what has been my signature baby gift for 12 years. I wanted something chic, I wanted something durable and I wanted something I could afford. I tried to talk myself into something I could print on my home computer and iron or sew on to the fabrics … but I worried about the durability. My stuff gets used, and used a lot – just the way I like it! I needed, okay I wanted, something that would hold up to being washed and washed and washed and washed through multiple babies. I knew I needed – wanted – a woven tag/label.

Over the last two years I’ve looked on and off at all the woven label possibilities on and off Etsy, trying to find something that would meet my needs. The hard part is I don’t need 1000 labels. I couldn’t use up 1000 labels in my lifetime, not to mention the huge investment they would be – ouch. There simply isn’t that kind of cash laying around these parts!

Earlier this year Heather and I were talking about labels and she sent me the link to an Etsy shop I’d ear marked before, that provided small runs and allowed me to design my own label, using whatever fonts I wanted. Just before we left for St. Louis, I took the plunge and ordered my very first run of labels! They arrived on the 21st of May and I love them.

I quietly carried one in my pocket for days. I carefully hand sewed them into a friends baby gift (which had be finished for nearly a week … yes, I was waiting) during the girls softball practice, so I could finally mail them to her.

Now hopefully long after someone gets my blankets and has lost the tag and business card I ship with them and a someone asks who made their blanket, they can look at the corner and say … Kathleen of Tiny Stitches.

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