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Friday Sewing

April 3, 2009

I haven’t done any serious apparel sewing in ages … the little PJ pants I’ve made for the girls over that last couple years, totally don’t count. Last year, Heather made this adorable shirt for her daughter. I loved the shape of the shirt … light, breezy, comfortable, and thought that not only would this style look cute on my girls, but they’d find it comfortable to wear.

The pattern Heather used, was of course for little girls, not for girls the ages of mine, but she turned me on to a Project Runway, Simplicity pattern with these pictures on Flickr. Where it not for real examples of the shirt made up, I’m not sure I would have given it a try simply seeing it in a pattern book. I purchased the pattern late last Spring and have been collecting bits of fabric here and there to make it up in. Nearly a year later, things have settled enough (and I finally got the girls measured) that I could sit down and make the shirt this afternoon.

I am really pleased. It has turned out super cute! I’m hoping to find some simple white or yellow buttons to put in the center of the yoke, between the pin tucks. And I’m already planning what fabric to use next. One thing I have learned though about the Project Runway patterns which is a bit annoying – on this pattern, their yardage requirements are al-a-cart. This particular pattern allows you to mix and match elements … this neckline with this hem length, and those sleeves. Great for my kind of sewing since I am always adding or subtracting something from the written way. But the yardage isn’t straight forward like it typically is … for view A, purchase __ yards. Instead, yardage is listed element – sleeve, shirt/dress front+back+neckline, etc – separately. Of course I didn’t notice this minor detail when I purchased the fabric, so now I’m finding myself using every blessed inch of the fabric I did purchase, and a little extra from my stash!  Thank heavens for the stash!

Hopefully I can keep up the momentum and make a few more cute shirts for their spring/summer wardrobe.

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