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ATC Kid Swap

February 28, 2009

Earlier this month one of the bloggers I follow wrote about making ATC (Artist Trading Cards) with her children and swapping their creations with another friends children. What spond from this little weekend activity, was an Artist Trading Card swap for kids ages 5-12, that 900 kids from all over the world signed up to participate. The kids were divided up in groups of six, paired with five other kids their age. Rules were emailed out, and a deadline was set (2/28). We got special heavy duty artist paper from the craft store, cut it down to the correct size – 2.5″ x 3.5″, collected all the necessary art supplies from around the house, did research on what artist trading cards look like, did lots of practicing and lots of creating!

The kids worked on them here and there for a full week, spending most of the past two Fridays, when they were home from school, working on their masterpieces. They had a really good time, came up with their own subject matter and titles and we even made small envelopes using scrapbook paper to hold the cards. I am so pleased with each child’s creativity and their willingness to participate in this experience. They did a great job experimenting with different mediums and trying to do their very best work.

Most of our cards are staying within the US, but we have three going over seas … the United Kingdom, Australia and Dubai!

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