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Emboridered Marble Bags

March 20, 2008

One of the little projects on my list of things to do during our Spring Break, at the request of the kids, was to make marble bags (for their marbles of course).

For Christmas my brother got my oldest a small embroidery kit which she has showed a lot of interest in. And thanks to my friend, Heather, I’ve started to feel more comfortable with it myself. Given ones interest in embroidery, ones detailed approach to art, and ones willingness to do try just about anything so he isn’t left out, I asked if they would like to embroider a little design on their marble bags before I sewed them up. They each choose their designs and crowded around the dinning room table.  We all set to work stitching them. Rocket. Butterfly. Cat. Turtle.

I am extremely proud of the kids, ’cause this was not as easy for them as I had first thought. It’s been a definite exercise in patience for the girls and me. We had to take out lots and lots and lots of stitches, over and over again, working towards learning the correct way to do a stem stitch. But they have stuck with it and have done a beautiful job! Monday night I went out in search of small embroidery hoops and came home with three 4″ hoops which have been very helpful!

By Tuesday night, both girls were done with their outlines and were ready to start the embellishment portion of their designs. The boys didn’t quite have the hand-eye dexterity to do all the stitches, he knew where the needle was to go, but getting it there, was really hard. So we found team work to be the best for his rocket. He choose all the colors and worked the needle for me.

Above are the finished marble bags for the boys.  I’ve already found myself grabbing one to put my cell phone and camera in when we run out for a bit of fun with the kids.  The bags fit them perfectly!!  Lined with a bit of flannel they make a great case to keep them clean and crumb free in the bottom of my purse or … the diaper bag … gasp!

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